Art, Landscape, oil painting, Painting, Plein Air, Portland, Urban Landscape

North Page and Albina


6″ x 8″ oil on Raymar panel

I may be a little obsessed with this dome.

Sunday was a beautiful day and I found this great site with a panoramic view of Portland, from the “ugly ” side.  This is an iteresting part of town. Although it’s filled with freeway overpasses and concrete plants and railroad yards, there has been a bit of gentrification and there are some good restaurants and music venues in the neighborhood.

I did a couple of plein air sketches, then had nice IPA and burger at the Widmer Brewpub down the block. A satisfying day.


4 thoughts on “North Page and Albina”

  1. Sounds like an excellent day, and the work you did is excellent. I clicked here to comment on the composition of this one, and see that someone already has – that must mean something.


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