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Grain Silos on the Wilamette PA


2-Grain-Silo-from-N-Page10″ x 8″ oil on canvas

This is the other painting I did on Sunday. This is from the same spot I painted the Dome painting.

This is painted from the N side of the Wilamette River looking back toward the downtown business district. The large building in the distance is Portland’s closest thing to a sky scraper at 30 floors. It’s the US Bank building, locally known as “Big Pink” for it’s copper colored reflective surface.

4 thoughts on “Grain Silos on the Wilamette PA”

  1. Gosh this brings back memories, and I haven’t been back to Portland in five years. You really captured the scene and the feel of it. The cool blues and warm pinks are beautiful.


  2. Hi Rog, I was really happy to stumble across this spot. I was on my way somewhere else and happened to glance up this street as I passed it. There are more paintings coming from here, I think.

    Kathryn, Portland misses you too.


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