14 thoughts on “Dome at Dusk”

  1. Hie hie, I giggled when I read how you didn’t know where this is going, but you enjoyed painting this “thing”…! What time did you do this, it reaaly feels like early evening, nice work.


  2. A terrific and deft handling of bright blues to look like the dimming of the day.
    You don’t need to know where you’re going with these- looks like you’re already there.


  3. Hi Katherine. It is in North Portland just above N Interstate Ave near the Widmer Brewery and pub. I hadn’t thought of this from a yin and yang perspective but I think you’re right. Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment.

    Kathryn, thanks I like this one a lot too. I’ve been doing several versions of this scene and it came together well on this one.

    Hi Ambera, hold onto those socks and good luck with your upcoming show.

    Ronell, this was actually done from a photo and several sketches I did on sight. It was just starting to get dark and the lights hadn’t been on long. I took several shots of this scene as night fell.

    Thanks Bonnie. Welcome home from NYC.


  4. It looks like you enjoy painting it. Is there a local pub near there? Nice work. Keep painting it in wind, rain, sleet, and snow.


  5. Is this like Close Encounters of the third kind with Richard Dreyfus …remember didn’t he paint the same shape over and over again because he got abducted by aliens and could only remember the shape? Well, it’s been weeks since your last dome. (haha) Elio sends his regards.


  6. Hey Bill,
    I posted a larger picture of the silverpoint if you wanted a closer look-it looks slightly cropped on my screen but I think it’s just the screen scize on my puter.


    BTW that orange is brilliant!


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