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Orange Dumpster


Orange-Dumpster-oil6″ x 6″ oil on board

I haven’t posted anything in a while but I have been painting. I’ve been experimenting with larger paintings but I haven’t produced anything I want to share, as yet. I seem to be trying to go in two directions at once. I need to pick one.

I’d planned on getting outside to paint more this year but summer is almost over and it’s just really hard to get outside when you work a full time job. Not to imply that I’m not extremely thankful to have a full time job.  Weekends are precious and I’ve been busy with family and friends and I just haven’t had time to paint out.

This little study was an experiment on a new surface. It’s a board primed with Gamblin oil ground. The surface is hard and smooth, similar to panels I’ve made before by priming with acrylic gesso on masonite or plywood. I think it may be a little stickier though. I was thinking of taking another shot at this scene but, dumpsters? really? Am I getting too squalid in my choices of subject matter?

Here is an artist I’ve been enjoying looking at lately. Great clean clear color.

Christine LaFuente

lafuenteredgeraniumWEB …. lafuentefoxhilllatesummer


12 thoughts on “Orange Dumpster”

  1. Great to see this! Yes, any subject can be beautiful, no matter how lowly, and you prove it with that dumpster. Lafuente’s work is also very beautiful, such economy of brushstrokes and a gorgeous palette. The same qualities I admire in your work.


  2. Your posts are so fun to read. I tried the Gamblin Oil Ground..I still don’t know how I feel about it. I identify with you on your ambivalence about subject matter too.
    I agree with poster Kathryn can paint whatever you like –because your paintings are never pretentious..they are pure and direct. Always.


  3. Nothing about this requires an apology.
    It’s perfectly seen and so well done. It’s your skill that makes the subject worthy.

    LIked the link you included as well. Beautiful, loose and lovely colors. Much like what attracts me to your work.


  4. “Beauty’s in the eye…” right? I like this one, and tend to be drawn to the finding of beauty(you found it here; that’s what I’m sayin’ ;-)in unexpected places.
    Thanks for the link, too. Very vibrant work Ms LaFuente’s doing there.


  5. The most beautiful dumpster I’ve ever seen! I like it. BTW, I saw your paintings at the gallery in PDX this summer. The colors are even more beautiful in person.


  6. Thanks everyone. It’s nice to know there are other fans of offbeat subject matter.

    Hello again KL

    thanks Rog

    Celeste, you’re very kind. Thanks so much. Congratulations on all your recent sales and prizes.

    polusladkaia, thank you. I’m a big fan of your blogs.

    Hi Bill, glad you like it.

    Bonnie it’s always nice to see you’ve stopped by thanks for your encouragement

    A Decker nice to hear from you.

    Sharon, thanks and I’m glad you got to see the show.


  7. I just spent some time going through your latest work – as usual , what a pleasure! My very favorite is the dumpster – you use of color is masterful.


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