9 thoughts on “Centennial Mills”

  1. It was your Costa Rica sketch journal that first introduced me to your work Bill and regardless of the medium you choose, you always show your style.

    Enjoy your much needed rest ( roosters notwithstanding or notwithcrowing).


  2. Thanks, Bill. You should try it. It’s a lot more relaxing than plein air painting, IMHO.

    Thanks, Celeste.

    Casey, thanks for checking in. I often think about trying to join you and Ronell to sketch in France. Someday …

    Hi Bonnie. This was my first trip, of any length, to an island and I have a bit more insight into the special problems involved in Island life. It must be similar on St Croix


  3. Ronelle, I have another blog where I post sketches. A link is on the top right of the page under “My Other Blog”.


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