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Aloha from Kaua’i


I’ve been absent from blogging much for a few reasons. I had a couple of portrait commissions I was working on which are mostly complete but currently I’m on vacation on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Here I am honing my sketch journaling skills at Anini Beach between snorkeling sessions. Funny story about Anini Beach. Supposedly, it was originally named Wanini Beach but the ‘W’ fell of the sign and instead of fixing it, people just started calling it Anini Beach. I think that’s kind of a Kauai thing. It’s the most laid back and “hippified” of the islands.


Anyone who’s been to Kauai recently knows that, since a hurricane in the early 1990s caused the release of many of the island’s domestic poultry Kauai has become overrun with feral chickens. I was aware of it but didn’t really think about the impact it might have on my ability to sleep. It’s a myth that roosters crow only in the morning. They start whenever they feel like it, often from right outside my bedroom window.



It seemed little weird to see chickens on the beach but believe me, they are everywhere.

11 thoughts on “Aloha from Kaua’i”

  1. found your site thru Kathryn Law’s site……..loved reading your words. Sometimes I get thinking my mental, artistic meanderings are totally unique and yes even ‘crazy’ so good to know my ‘searching’ (a kinder word than crazy) might be shared by others. As for your painting….if it were mine I think I’d truly be at last satisfied. But then I’m starting to ‘get’ that being satisfied is not the way of the artist. Thanks for your sharings…words and paintings….each are inspiring to me. You are now officially on my ‘favorite’ list!


  2. Hi Frances. Thank you for your kind remarks. I think pursuing the arts is kind of crazy. But it’s a good crazy.

    Bill, somebody’s got to do it.


  3. Mary, welcome to my blog and thank you for all the kind comments. I didn’t really notice New England style buildings. I thought Kapaa had the look of an Old West town.

    Hello, dear Ronell. Chickens are one thing but dueling roosters were a bit much. I think the locals sort of think of them as tourist revenge.

    Thanks Marian. We had a great time there.


  4. Sounds like my idea of a vacation spot. Enjoy, and bring us back a book full of sketches. We will get to see them, yes?

    “Feral chickens.” LOL! That just doesn’t sound right.


  5. Oh! I just read some more, and learned of your pocket sketchbook blog. I guess that answers my question about getting to see your Kuai sketches. And then some. I’ll be checking that one out, for sure.


  6. Hi Bill and Leslie,

    Wow stumbled on to your site. I have much catching up to do. Maybe you could update me bit on your lives. Last time I remember seeing you both was when we were living in Cedar Mill, Or. I’ve been in Georgia now 20+ years three children all grown up one in Portland, Or, one in Seattle, Wa, one in Maui, Hi. I believe I was aware you were being treated for cancer, glad to hear it’s in remission. Rose and I divorced 10 years ago. Been with my partner Beth for over six years now. She was dx with multiple myeloma two years ago and has been in remission for over a year now. Love to hear from you both, good feelings come over me when I think about you both.



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