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Digital Doodling

I’m sort of between studios now. My daughter is about to move home and my studio will become her bedroom so I’m moving back out to a smaller space in the garage. I need to solve some issues, like heating, before I can start using it.

In the meantime, I was playing with a trial version of Sketchbook Pro. It’s funny how these doodles always turn into some kind of self portrait. You’d think I’d look more relaxed after a 2 week vacation.

5 thoughts on “Digital Doodling”

  1. Maybe Bill was right. You look burnt, man!

    Someday I’d like to try out the digital medium. Some day.

    Looks pretty good, especially for a doodle.


  2. I am glad to know that your doodles turn into yourself. Whenever I do a portrait it seems to come out to be me whether it is a man or a woman or a celebrity or turns out to have me in it. Common problem, I guess..but in your case I never tire of seeing your self portraits…they are “rough around the corners” and always in a good way.


  3. Bill, I find being between studios to be very disconcerting. Hope you get settled in soon.

    But I’ve always wondered about those digital pads. I just did a comic book page for an art project… I think a digital drawing pad could have made a huge difference in how long it took.


  4. Thanks everyone. Sorry not to have responded sooner, I’ve been away from the blog for a while.

    Welcome AD2050 and thanks for the comment.

    Bill, good observation 😦

    Celeste, I feel like everything I do ends up being, in some way, a self portrait.

    He Edgar. I’ve finally gotten a useable space to paint. I did the digital doodle using my ipod touch and then transferred it to my PC to finish it. I haven’t used one of the digital pads but they look fun, (if you have unlimited funds).


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