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Head study


8″ x 6″ oil on panel

Another one hour study. I’ve asked some friends and family to sit for quick studies to try and become more comfortable with live models. I tend to over-sympathize with the boredom and general unpleasantness of sitting. The deal is to have them sit for 4 15 minute periods with a 5 minute break between periods.

My goals are:

1. to develop a method, rather than figure it out every time,

2. become comfortable with someone in the studio while I paint (I spend much too much time alone),

3. hone my observational skills, spend time painting from life.

4. it will be nice to have a collection of my friends shrunken heads

I recently reviewed a video on portrait painting by Daniel Green.  Although I don’t agree with everything he had to say, it’s a really thorough and well organized demo from materials through how to know when you’re finished.


2 thoughts on “Head study”

  1. Bill,
    I like what you’re doing here and how much you’re accomplishing in an hour.
    My hat is off to you for pushing yourself to work in new territory (the live models).

    In one figure class I head a fellow-student complaining about the model moving. I leaned over and told her it’s called breathing.



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