Art, oil painting, Still Life

Clair’s Rose


Clair's Rose8″ x 6″ oil on panel

It’s been a while since I last painted a still life. I think this is the last rose of the year. We tried to buy a rose for each member of the family, when we were into gardening. This rose is named ‘Clair Matin’ and was planted for our younger daughter, Clair.

I’m not patient (or thoughtful) enough to spend time composing a still life setup. I look for an arrangement that happened naturally around the house. These objects happened to be on a table in the studio, the rose, paint brushes, a couple of prepared panels and the channel lock plyers.


5 thoughts on “Clair’s Rose”

  1. Thanks a lot, Scott.

    Hi Silvina. I was thinking of Diebenkorn when I did this. I love those still lifes of his.


  2. I love the simplicity of this being sort of a “found” moment, unarranged as you say, and especially like the colors. Not to mention that it is fun to know of a rose named Clair. Seems like the right color for her.


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