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Rose Frantzen

This is a lengthy but brilliant talk by Rose Frantzen at her show at the National Portrait Gallery about how she conceived and executed the project of painting portraits of the people who live in her town. Great insights into her process and painting. She talks about everything from how the ideas came together for the project to grant writing, technique and the personal experience of carrying out the project.


3 thoughts on “Rose Frantzen”

  1. Wow, Bill. I didn’t notice when I started watching this video that it would be an hour long, yet I couldn’t peel myself away. What a cool lady! Wonderfully inspiring. Thank you!


  2. Hi Kathryn, Thanks for the tip about Harrell Fletcher, I’ll check it out. Although I’m not drawn to most of Rose’ work, I do love these portraits. Thanks for visiting.

    Silvina, I’m glad you liked the movie. I thought she was really fun to hear and I loved hearing about all the details of the project. It’s nice to hear from you.


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