5 thoughts on “Crack Press”

  1. Hi there, Celeste. It’s at NW 3rd and Glisan and is listed on Google Maps as being a business named Crack Press, but actually the part of the building I painted seems to be the former home of the Dirty Duck LTD Pub. I probably should have named it Dirty Duck LTD.


  2. Howdy – Beautiful painting. I wanted to let you know that Crack Press relocated to NE 9th and Glisan. We were forced to move last Fall when the building was condemned – http://www.crackpress.com, portlandtype.co

    Crack Press is art, design and print – a graphic arts studio. We edition artist prints, posters, signs, etc. We also do branding, logo design, custom typography and typeface design.

    Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about the building and history. I was there for 17 years.

    Kind regards,
    Pete McCracken


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