oil painting, Still Life

Weber Grill


8″ x 8″ oil on panel

I spent the last week sitting on my deck painting my Weber grill.  It was just really fun to paint and since it’s still raining on and off most every day, I can duck into the house quickly when it gets wet.

6″ x 6″ oil on panel

I don’t eat meat so I have to get some use our of this thing.

8″ x 8″ oil on panel

Hoping for dry painting weather soon.


5 thoughts on “Weber Grill”

  1. Indeed how did you get the “sheen”, its a cool affect.
    BTW you can grill fish, and veggies on the thing so don’t give her up!


  2. Wherever you’re at, it needs to rain more often. These Weber grill paintings are fabulous!
    Don’t stop painting.
    P.S. – I work at Weber HQ



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