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more tomatoes

Both of my daughters draw well. When they  were in elementary school, they did some ceramics one summer. We still have many of the pieces they made. They are among my favorite things.

The little clay box in this still life was made by my older daughter.

8″ x 10″ oil on panel

It’s a little odd getting used to painting in natural light, having always done still life painting under lights. I’m painting these recent studies without lights and, although it’s been cloudy, I do notice shifts in light throughout the day. It may take a little while to find the ideal way to set these up.

As with plein air painting, I sometimes struggle to see my panel, in natural light. Maybe there’s something wrong with my eyes. Many painters frown on using photos but sometimes I find it helpful to photograph my still life setups. Often it’s easier for me to see values, I’m struggling with, in a photo than than by looking directly at the objects.

The electrician comes today to wire the studio and hopefully I’ll have sheetrock on Monday!

view of veg garden from studio door, looking east.


1 thought on “more tomatoes”

  1. Really nice work, I appreciate the fluidity…is that spelled right? I am working on becoming more impressionistic in my own art so I look at light sourcing now, it is so difficult sometimes!

    Thnx for painting, keep up the work….Deb


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