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Office chair two

11″ x 14″  oil on linen panel

I had a difficult time deciding how to do the shadow.  Here are a few previous states. Each time I took a photo and changed the painting, I liked the previous state better. All the images can be enlarged by clicking on them.




3 thoughts on “Office chair two”

  1. Shadows are terrible to get, even in a photo, so to paint one has to be unbelievably hard.
    I do like the top one as the shadows from the seat and the back are the most defined. Plus
    having the trash can included sets it all off.


  2. Bill, first, let me congratulate you on your new studio. What a lot of space!! I’m jealous!

    I really like this office chair painting. I think the shadow temperature you chose in the end is the absolute best. This muted, grayed down shade allows the chair to really shine. Very cool painting.


  3. Dan, don’t you think trash cans always set it all off?

    Hi Silvina, it’s nice to hear from you.

    The struggle for me, with this painting is that it’s really about the cast shadow, for me, so, although I like how this ended up, I didn’t really solve the problem I intended to. I intended the shape of the shadow to be just as important of more important than the other shapes.


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