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Two Heads

It’s always fun to paint heads, especially my own. These 2 studies were done a couple of days apart.

Both are oil on linen panel 8″ square

( I shaved off my beard between them. ) I’m a fan of Ann Gale’s work and I feel like the one on the right is derivative of her work. Having said that makes it ok,  right?

I think worrying about being derivative is unproductive (to a point). You just have to keep painting, knowing that you’re going to make bad work and derivative work and trust that something true and honest will evolve.

3 thoughts on “Two Heads”

  1. Being a foreign English reader, I am curious about how you mean the word derivative. Did you try to copy her style, or was it the resemblance that caught you as afterthought?
    BTW: derivative or not, they are painted beautifully.


  2. Rene, derivative is a nice way of saying plagiarized. In this case, I was indeed studying Ann’s style, although I would not say that the result was really that close to her work. Thank you for visiting.

    Frank, thank you for the comment. I really enjoy Painting OWU. It’s a great resource. I wish I had something like it when I was in college. Of course there was not really an internet when I was in college.


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