6 thoughts on “Blue Pitcher with lemons”

  1. Hey – I just signed up to be one of your followers (blog). It’s great to see your paintings. I liked the one you did and re-did and tried a thrid time with the goache. Of course I liked the first version that you thought was too … busy/messy/overwhelmed with marks. Typical of me. See you soon, Kathy


  2. Hi Kathy, welcome the my blog. Thanks for subscribing. Frankly, I’ve come to like the first version of that painting myself. I should probably slow down and let these things sit for a while before I make big changes but, I find that, once I take something off the easel, it’s hard to get it back up there.

    Rene, it’s nice to hear from you. The fact is that the pitcher was empty and, what seems like water, is just the refracted image of the edge of the table cloth, behind it – not that it matters, in the context of the painting. Thanks for visiting.


  3. You are an amazing artist! I stumbled across your work this evening (the oil of Miki) and am captivated.

    I have a beautiful shelter chihuahua mix dog that reminds me so much of your beloved companion, Miki. Also, I leave for Kauai this Saturday with my family (it happens to be my favorite place on earth) and loved discovering your works from the island. Lucky me 🙂

    Is your work available for sale at any galleries?


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