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Track Hoe

We’ve lived in our house for almost 30 years. When we moved in it was a quiet semi-rural road. Our property and the two on either side of us are large lots and have not changed much, over the years but further up the road, new developments have been built which has made the surrounding area more suburban, the road busier and that semi-rural feel has faded.

The road we live on has become more hazardous to walk on, as traffic has increased. There are no sidewalks and very little in the way of shoulder. So, the new project installing sidewalks on one side of the road is welcome, however, it is another step in the suburbanization of the neighborhood. They removed all the trees along that side and the road will feel wider and harder.

I’ve always loved this comic by Robert Crumb. I think it expresses my feelings well.

On Saturday, I set up my easel in the front yard and sketched one of the construction vehicles parked along the road.

Track Hoe   11 1/2″ x 11″ oil on linen scrap

5 thoughts on “Track Hoe”

  1. Wonderful painting! This is a great example of finding art in one’s surroundings, literally in one’s backyard.
    I don’t think many artists would have the imagination to pull this off.


  2. this reminds me of a group of painters called,”the perceptual painters” that you can look up on the internet. gorgeous painting, bill!


  3. Thanks for coming back around to your industrial side. Its great that you took the distraction of the
    construction noise to create this!


  4. Howard, thanks for the nice comment. Much appreciated

    Thank you JanEllen. I’m a fan of the Perceptual Painters. I’m flattered to be compared to them.

    Dan, I didn’t have to go far. Thanks,

    Nora, Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment.

    Thanks all for clicking the ‘Like’ button


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