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Red Cadillac II


18″ x 24″ oil on linen panel

Another painting of this old Cadillac. This is the largest painting I’ve done in a long time. I’m working on another that is 24″ x 48″. I’m enjoying working larger. I like the gestures I need to make to paint this large but I’ve had some difficulty getting used to mixing enough paint for the 24 x 48.


8 thoughts on “Red Cadillac II”

  1. Super!! The larger size does require more advanced planning with your paints, but it also means you have something to work with when you come back the next day. STAY LOOSE. No tightening up with the bigger format! Hugs – Kathy


  2. Interesting observations about painting bigger. Does it also require a change in technique? Like
    brush size and stroke?


  3. Beautiful piece. I recognise the issue, small sketches or moderate sized paintings require a totally different painting technique. And I always find myself short of paint, I solved it to mix a few basic tones with a restricted amount of colours (3), a set that I can easily recall. But I am still learning.


  4. I recommend changing your brush sizes, and have plenty to grab from. The larger size offers you more room to move. Go with it!


  5. Dan, it does require altering my technique. Small paintings only require finger gestures. For these larger paintings, I need to move my whole arm. I’m comfortable with the 18 x 24 size and still trying to figure out now to handle the larger ones. I just started a 36″ x 72″. Scaling up brushes is also something I’m playing with. I haven’t found anything larger than 1″ that I’m comfortable working with so far.


  6. Thank you, Rene. I’ve painted a few largish paintings, in the past but it’s been a long time. I like your idea of pre-mixing colors but that would imply planning, which I’m not very good at. Although I often do preliminary studies and sketches, I usually get bored with planning and just start painting. I’m getting better about mixing larger puddles of paint.


  7. Hi Kathy, Thanks for the encouragement. I’m frankly allergic to planning and, with the larger size, I’m less likely than ever to be tempted to tighten up. I’m too lazy to do that much painting.

    I’ve gotten a little better at mixing larger batches of paint but I have not really found very large brushes that I like painting with. I’ve tried a couple of inexpensive 1.5 and 2.5 inch brushes but they get so saturated with medium or thinner that I spend all my time trying to manage the mess. I find that the larger the brush, the more paint goes into the brush rather than onto the canvas. That’s one thing I hoped to get some insight into in Jordan’s workshop. It may be that I need to find better brushes. For now I use knives to apply large areas of paint.


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