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Mooring Dolphins


‘Mooring Dolphins’ 24″ x 48″ oil on canvas

This is the largest painting I’ve completed in quite a while. It’s a favorite subject of mine. I don’t know exactly why I’m so fascinated by these mooring dolphins but I love painting them. This is another view from Kelley Point Park, looking across the Columbia River toward Washington.

Although I enjoyed painting larger, I really struggled to finish this piece or rather to decide when it was finished. I’m still not completely sure I’m done with it. Finishing is always tricky and I often decide that my energy would be better spent moving on to the next piece and trusting that it will build on the last one.

3 thoughts on “Mooring Dolphins”

  1. Bill

    I love the dolphing painting , I would love to see it in different moods, your last painting of the dolphing inspired me to paint the ship yards in Baltimore. Thank you for sharing your great work. You keep me inspired about my painting , as you know I am just a beginner oil painter 2 months, 2 year watercolor. I look forward to your nex blog.



  2. Patrick, Thanks for the note. I’m glad you continue to like the work. I’m envious of the scenes you have in Baltimore to paint. I wish I’d been interested in landscape painting when I lived there.

    Thanks, Dan


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