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Under the Fremont Bridge


‘Under the Bridge’ 18″ x 24″ oil on linen panel

This is a view of the under side of the Fremont Bridge, looking across the Wilamette River from the west bank to the east. This is a studio painting although I’ve painted this same view plein air and posted some studies, for this painting, a couple of weeks ago.


5 thoughts on “Under the Fremont Bridge”

  1. Bill, can you compare the view between the Freemont and the Germantown Bridges? What if anything
    draws you to one over the other?


  2. Dan, I don’t prefer one bridge over the other. I haven’t gotten to the St John’s bridge yet, although I’ve been meaning to. The inspiration for this painting was the access to the under view of the bridge and the industrial crud on the far bank. I also like the way the Fremont bridge curls it’s tail like a dragon, from this view. The shape of the St John’s bridge isn’t as organic as the Fremont but it has it’s own charms. In fact I did do a painting from near the St John’s a few years ago but the scene didn’t include the bridge itself.


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