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Twenty Third Ave Market


‘Twenty Third Ave Market’ 9″ x 13″ – ink, watercolor and gouache

This neighborhood market, at the corner of NW 23rd and Thurman, is one of the last buildings, in this neighborhood, that has not been gentrified. It was kind of a seedy area, when I first moved to Portland, about 30 years ago. Most of the street is now lined with boutiques and restaurants and in my landscaping days, I worked on some of the properties here. There’s a great breakfast place across the street called Besaws, which is in a building that goes back to 1903. The market building looks to be of the same vintage.

1 thought on “Twenty Third Ave Market”

  1. Bill,
    The 23rd St. Market painting is fresh. I like the trash and recycling containers along the side of the bldg. The composition holds together very well. The yellow square shape is dead center and yet it doesn’t appear to be so. Nice slant to that shape.
    Elly and I are planning to pay you a visit to your exhibit at the AIA on First Thursday. Looking forward to seeing you and your work at that time.
    Let’s get together in the next couple of weeks.


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