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New vs Old

The old building in the foreground seems to be one of the last in the quickly gentrifying Peal District of NW Portland.

Pearl District Nocturne30" x 30" oil on linen
Pearl District Nocturne
30″ x 30″ oil on linen

Feeling a pull to the dark side with this one.

6 thoughts on “New vs Old”

  1. This is lovely. I keep thinking about going out and painting in the woods at night, or I suppose during dusk/near night time. After having been out in the desert with the intensity of the sun, your building in evening light looks cool.


  2. Bill, Great palette. So vibrant! I like the square format. It seems to add tension in trying to confine the vibrancy. I could study this painting for a long while. As a resident of The Pearl, I feel you have captured the essence of the neighborhood.
    Thanks for sharing,


  3. Thanks, Kathy. Looking forward to seeing what you did in the desert. That must have been quite a shock after painting in the forest for months.

    Dan, There is a dumpster in the lower right. Nest to the garage door opening. Put your glasses on, man.

    Thank you Ani and sharifjhurry

    Hi Jerry. I was talking to someone in the Annie Meyer Gallery, which is right across the street from this scene, about the new vs old buildings in the area. The new ones are winning by far and I doubt if this old one and it’s neighbor will survive much longer. Thanks for the note.


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