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It seems that some subscribers have stopped receiving email notifications when I publish a new post. This is a test to see if it gets through.

So as not to totally waste your time, if you do receive this, I’ll add a couple of sketches.

Building a New LIfe (sketch) watercolor w black and white ink
Building a New LIfe (sketch)
watercolor w black and white ink

This is a sketchbook drawing for the oil painting “Building a New LIfe From the Wreckage of my Old Life”  That’s a long title but I had to do it.

Les' Red Coat watercolor and ink
Les’ Red Coat
watercolor and ink

This is a new sketch. I’m experimenting with painting some of my wife’s possessions.

I know this sounds like I’m fishing for comments but I would love to hear back if you receive an email notification from this post. Thanks.

30 thoughts on “Miscellaneous”

  1. Absolutely!!! I think painting her possessions is an excellent step. I look forward to more pictures. How about the vanity… or the messy place where she knew where to find ‘her’ things? My husband lays his hand on the counter and moves it ALL to my side of the bath vanity. : – (


  2. I got the post by email, Bill. I think you’ve landed upon a great project to honor your Les and I’m sure doing this will help you heal, too.


  3. I did get the email notification Bill. And I love the idea of painting Lesley’s belongings (and how you’ve executed it in here in her wonderful red coat.)


  4. Thank you all for helping me out. My friends who were having trouble received an email too. Problem solved. And thank you all for being interested in what I do here.


  5. The email came in loud and clear. Thanks for sharing the images. I’m glad to see you’re painting again.


  6. I did receive your post and thank you for sharing your grieving process with us. I personally have never lost anyone close to me except for grandparents when I was a young adult. Reading about your process helps me understand and prepare for the inevitable. You are a good role model.


  7. I got the notification, no problem. Thanks. I am really enjoying your work by the way.

    Theresa Macknight



  8. Lovely painting. Even if the viewer knew nothing about the back story, it captures so much … happy times and loss and Leslie’s lovely swing and serenity … any viewer would feel some of that and leap to their own associations. A wonderful wonderful painting.

    [and P.S. I got the email too….]


  9. Thanks so much for all the comments. I’m happy to know that the notifications are working and really appreciate all the encouraging remarks.


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