9 thoughts on “Remembering Good Times in Ireland”

  1. Thank you Chas Spain. Ireland is very green, much like my home of western Oregon.

    Thank you ArtistTaylorAnn. Much appreciated

    Thanks for reblogging, OyiaBrown

    Meticulousmik, I appreciate your comment. I loved Ireland and have dreamed of going back to paint some day.


  2. Hello Rene. Memory is s funny thing. When I think of out trip to Ireland, which was 17 years ago, now, I don’t think of the rain but, of course it did rain and blow a lot. I had to stuff paper towells into the cracks in the windows to stop the wind whistling through. But the clouds were magnificent and mostly I remember them and the sun streaking through and rainbows.

    It appears you have been visiting in the US recently. I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet. Maybe some day.


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