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Miki And The Red Coat


Miki and the Red Coat 21" x 14" oil on linen
Miki and the Red Coat
21″ x 14″ oil on linen

I’ve had this and another on the easel for a while. I’m not sure I’m finished. I want to let it sit for a while. Sometimes when I get to this point with a painting, I decide it’s better to just start another than to continue to worry this one. I’ve painted a few versions of this scene now, each a little different.


6 thoughts on “Miki And The Red Coat”

  1. Excellent colours, yellow and blue contrasts, lovely. The shadow cast by the robe is a cherry on top, it really adds to the composition of colours.


  2. This is a gorgeous painting. The colors draw you in first, but there is a mystery about it… hard to put into words. The coat and shadow seem alive. The dog is like a guardian.


  3. Milena, sometimes I think I push the colors too much. I appreciate the feedback

    Tom, I’m pulling for you. Thanks

    Judith, thank you.

    Anita, I appreciate your comment. It was my wife’s coat and her dog. He still watches out the window for her return. Sometimes I do to. I’m working hard at trying to produce some work that expresses some of what I’m feeling without being corny or overly dramatic. I’m glad you sensed something deeper in the piece.


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