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Trying to make some sense

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to express my current conundrum visually. Thinking is usually not the best way to get at this kind of thing but I’m afraid of making work that is trite or exploits or cheapens this and I’m especially wary of this since it’s not only my experience. Many people loved Leslie and may have feelings about how or what I express. That being said, I’ve been making some drawings and trying to find a way to start.

I’m sharing a couple of the drawings here.


6" x 7" gouache black and white ink on paper
6″ x 7″ gouache black and white ink on paper


9" x 6" gouache black and white ink on paper
9″ x 6″ gouache black and white ink on paper


As I start this, I realize I could explore this for a long time.

7 thoughts on “Trying to make some sense”

  1. Your Art could never cheapen the situation you’re going through – on the very contrary, from what we’ve been seeing and reading here: no triteness, no exploitation, but dignity, respect and always a renewed honour to your wife.
    It’s admirable the way you’re dealing with it! Art is not only about creativity and technique, it’s also an expression of whatever feelings and thoughts are in the artist’s mind, be they of joy or of grieve.
    The true artist is the one whose Art touches and moves us – and yours surely does!


  2. Your visual processing helps me to process my own loss of loved ones. thank you so much bill for sharing this.


  3. Bill, even if you were unaware of the painter or the subject these are really great pieces. Keep exploring so we can keep enjoying.


  4. A Ferreira, Cathleen and Dan, thanks for your supportive messages. I’m glad to know that the work is being received well. Thanks also to the folks who pushed the LIKE button


  5. Hi Bill
    These are beautiful! I always admire your colour palette but here you capture so much in just black and white, they remind me of old photo negatives which I like very much. Looking forward to seeing where you go with these.


  6. Random person who stumbled upon your work here, the recent drawings in gouache and white ink really struck me. I admire your art.


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