When in Roma

I’ve been in Rome Italy for the past 2 days and really love this place. I have not tried to see any of the famous places, with the exception of the Coliseum, which I visited briefly. I’ve spent my time here wandering the maze of narrow streets eating, drinking and drawing.




A leisurely Sunday breakfast with my sketchbook.




While sitting on a wall of a church making this sketch, I witnessed an altercation between two men, one of whom was yelling at the other over a long period of time. Three police cars arrived and the police talked to the men separately for a while then the two men shook hands and embraced. If only life could always resolve so easily.

I’m off today to the small town of Civita Castellana for an immersive time painting.

A couple more images from Roma:













7 thoughts on “When in Roma”

  1. Love your comment about the love/hate (not really,just discord) relationships of the Italians. My husband’s family personifies your scenario …..


  2. Bill, good to hear from you. Thanks for keeping us posted. Ah, Rome, I am envious. Live it to the hilt while continuing to be nonchalant and observant. The photo of the narrow street with the puddle reflection is awesome. That’s definitely inspiration for a watercolor.
    Looking forward to catching up when you return.


  3. I absolutely love your photography and sketches, especially your splashes of color and contrasting shadows in the watercolor. Plus, hearing about the scene with the two men in the street was great to read about!


  4. Loved the Italian resolution story! An impt lesson for us all! Look forward to more moments of light and insight from Italy!


  5. Delighted to hear you are in Italy, and such lovely sketches, can’t wait to see your work after the paint immersion, all that beautiful Italian landscape and light, enjoy it.


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