Camping trip sketches

I spent a week camping along the Metolius River in Central Oregon. The Metolius is spring fed so it was running normally but the other lakes and rivers in the area are very low. The mountains had very little to no snow on them. I’ve never seen some of these mountains without snow. It’s difficult for me to understand why we’re still talking about whether climate change is happening even as we’re experiencing the damage.

Having said that, the Metolius offered the illusion of a healthy environment, for now, at least. Here are a few sketches I did from the camp site. Click on the images for a larger view.

"Early Afternoon Metolius River" watercolor and ink
“Early Afternoon Metolius River”
watercolor and ink
"Tent Camp" watercolor and ink
“Tent Camp”
watercolor and ink
"Metolius River" watercolor
“Metolius River”
"Woman Reading by the River" watercolor
“Woman Reading by the River”

7 thoughts on “Camping trip sketches”

  1. Dear Bill,

    Hope you are well. You know, if you ever want to post over some small watercolours for the flip folders I keep in the gallery, please do. We start to get busy here from late September on and then extremely busy right through out Australian summer, and until Easter. We have high seasonal traffic, as Port Fairy is a seaside tourist town, at the wild end of The Great Ocean Road.

    Love seeing your work. I’m slow, but painting and sold quite a bit of work last summer. I sold the peculiar purple painting of the building across from our studio for $3,000Aus, even if I hadn’t really finished it. The art of knowing when to stop, is hard for me. Anyway, we are Wishart Gallery, 19 Sackville Port Fairy, Victoria 3284 Australia. I’m still getting the website up, for this next summer. If posting artwork, we have a PO box address I can give you, that’s safer. We get high foreign traffic through the summer, so it often works for artists to have work visible here, and if people like it they find your website etc. I have trouble finding decent watercolourists, small work, here.


  2. Thanks very much Andrea and Rebecca.

    Greg, Paco would have had a blast chasing chipmunks. They are very bold camp robbers.

    Robin, thanks for being in touch. I’ve tried to write you at the email address associated with your comment but I’m not sure my messages are getting through to you. I’d like to talk to you more about sending some watercolors down to you.


  3. Hey Bill, I am having my art exam tommorrow and i have decided to use watercolor for my art work.And I am required to choose an artwork from an artist as a reference and im using you and “tent camp” as a refrence.I was looking for artwork that i could use to be my refrence over the internet and your artwork and style appeal to me the most.I hope you dont mind šŸ™‚


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