How I paint in my dreams

Italian Alleyway 8″ x 7 3/8″ oil


When I’m in bed thinking about painting, I appear in my thoughts painting furiously, using anything and everything to make marks on the canvas. I even saw myself painting with a couch recently. The paintings are huge, profound and heartbreaking.

Meanwhile, I painted this yesterday.

4 thoughts on “How I paint in my dreams”

  1. I paint similarly in my dreams – it’s pull out all the stops and throw myself into it. These dreams are also in color, very exciting and very inspiring.

    I like all the pink!

    High Fiver,


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  2. Hi Bill,
    The painting looks just like the meandering streets of Como where we are currently. Your pink is in all the shop windows. Of course, it is Easter. Love the painting. Keep capturing your dreams however they come to you. They are real……dreams.

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