Final show in Portland, (for now)

For the last five years I’ve been represented, in Portland and Palm Springs, CA, by Brian Marki Fine Art. The Portland gallery is closing next month and I will have 5 paintings included in the final show at the Portland site.

This show is up now. There is a reception on June 16th from 5pm til 8pm . If you’re in town this will be the last opportunity to see my work in Portland, for now at least.

Brian Marki Fine Art – 2236 NE Broadway, Portland OR 97232 – (503) 249-5659

Feeling Blue
Feeling Blue 36″ x 36″ oil

2 thoughts on “Final show in Portland, (for now)”

  1. Well, there goes another one. It will be interesting to see what happens to the brick and mortar spaces as internet sales increase. Love the painting!

    I guess I am hopeful that you can set up a small diorama in your studio that has a light box shining intense light on some pineapple tops and toss down some sand, scrub and azure blue paper to continue to produce some beauties for your gallerist in Palm Springs.

    Things plow, plod and zip onward up here. I have two shows coming up; one in SEPT ’17 and another group show in May ’18. That will keep me busy for another year. Both shows are the result of other painter friends who I have met over the last three years.

    Both Jim and I are grateful for our health, our paid in full little stash of land and house(s) (studio building), and our friends and family. Olympia continues to think as clearly as any community can during this madness, although the recent shit storm at TESC is another example of people hating on one another, rather than building bridges. It reminds me that one person can make a difference, and sometimes that difference is catastrophic for thousands upon thousands. I am trying to stick with persisting, acting mindfully and being honest. It helps to be in regular contact with my states’ legislators even though I have days of feeling pretty darn hopeless about the human race. I have wished for a plague that starts in the White House bathroom closest to the oval office, but even that would only be a temporary solution. Dark times, dark times.

    Enjoy summer, your painting and your loved ones.

    Best – Kathy


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