Broadway Bridge

Broadway Bridge 11″ x 14″ oil on panel

I recently completed a commission for a business near the Broadway Bridge, here in Portland. The bridge dominates the view from their office and they wanted a painting of it to use in promotional materials, etc.

I don’t like to do commissions and I know nothing about graphic design but I like the bridge and welcomed the opportunity to paint it again so I accepted. I also have no process for commissions. When I met with the client to talk about the painting, I never asked how large the work should be and totally forgot to talk about prices. I ended up doing two paintings for them and they selected one. This is the other. The client was very kind and accepting of my lack of professionalism, with regard to commissions. Still, I’m reluctant to take on any more commissions.

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How I paint in my dreams

Italian Alleyway 8″ x 7 3/8″ oil


When I’m in bed thinking about painting, I appear in my thoughts painting furiously, using anything and everything to make marks on the canvas. I even saw myself painting with a couch recently. The paintings are huge, profound and heartbreaking.

Meanwhile, I painted this yesterday.


A week in Tulum

I just returned from a relaxing week in Tulum, Mexico. I enjoyed warm weather, sandy beaches, excellent food, friendly and kind local people and a beautiful traveling companion.

K on the beach blurred
Tulum Beach

We visited Mayan ruins.

Mayan ruins at Tulum

And lay about on the beach.

Tulum Beach

I spent a little time sketching while my companion took a cooking class at a restaurant across the street.

Pencil sketch of the Caribbean

Now back to the rain and cold and studio and feeling very fortunate.


Downtown Paro Bhutan

Downtown Paro Bhutan 9″ x 12″ gouache

Paro is the city where I started and ended my trip to Bhutan. I believe it’s the only city with an international airport. It’s a dramatic arrival as you fly through the Himalayas. My Everest was prominent both arriving and departing.  Because of my inept travel planning, It took me 4 days to travel from Paro to my home in Portland.