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New Page of Paintings from Ireland

I got a new scanner that is better able to scan slides than my old one, so I spent some time scanning slides of old paintings and added a new page of work I did in the late 1990s inspired by a trip to western Ireland. There is a link to the page on the right sidebar and you can get to it by clicking on the image below.

watercolor 7″ x 10″

My wife and daughters and I all remember this trip fondly and none of us have been willing to let many of these paintings go. Most of them are hanging in our house.

Art, Ireland, Landscape, Life, oil painting, Painters, Painting

Les and Cuca in the Connemara


10″ x 8″ oil on canvas panel

Recently this blog was visited by an artist from Ireland who commented on some of the paintings I have in the ‘Older Paintings’ section. It turned out that he lives near where we visited and knows not only the sites I painted but our good friend who hosted us there. I started reminiscing about that trip and the beautiful landscapes we saw near Omey Island and found a photo of my wife and our friend standing on the rocks looking out at the stormy ocean.

I’ve dreamed of going back to that incredible place on a painting trip for 12 years.

Check out Cathal O Malleys beautiful Irish landscapes here.


I’ve been listening to Solas “The Words That Remain” and reading “The Asian Journals of Thomas Merton.”