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Slow Progress

It doesn’t look like much progress has been made from these photos, but, since I had the walls open, I decided to update the electrical system in the house by adding and rerouting some circuits and replacing old non-grounded wires. We’re also looking into replacing our 20 year old furnace and I had to reinstall a door that was leaking. I’m almost ready to start putting things back together. I have to call for an electrical inspection next week and then I can put the insulation and walls back together. Having done almost all the work myself, while working full time, progress has been slower than I’d like but I couldn’t afford to do it otherwise.

Since I have nothing new to post, here’s a mixed media self portrait I did in 1982.

42″ x 42″ pastel and flashe on paper

Art, Figure Painting, Landscape, Pastel

Another old pastel from my youth


Human Being

23″ x 17″ pastel flashe and plaster on paper

I’ve been working on a portrait and it’s been really tough to capture a satisfactory likeness.

Since I don’t have anything new to posts I thought I’d post another piece from a long time ago, although the last one I posted drove my page views way down.

This one is one of the last I did in this expressionistic style. I was experimenting with texture and applied plaster to the paper then painted and pasteled over it. The plaster cracked and flaked showing layers underneath.

Art, Figure Painting, Painting, Pastel

and now for something completely different …


Object Of Desire

30″ x 42″ pastel and Flashe’

It’s been difficult to get much painting done lately so I’m posting this one from my angst addled youth.

This was done in the 1980s using pastel and a vinyl based paint called flashe on paper. I liked working this way but I hated framing and storing the work. I still have a few of these and they get dusty and moldy unless they’re under glass.

The imagery I was creating was pretty er .. strong and I was always surprised when one sold. They’re very personal and I’m fond of them partly because they reflect what I was going through at the time but I’m not sure I’d want to live with them.