In November of last year, I spent a couple of weeks traveling in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan.

I didn’t get as much time to paint, as I’d like because to travel in Bhutan, you pretty much have to be with a guide and so I had to stick to the schedule of the tour I was on. There were a couple of times I stayed behind and did some sketching, though.

Bhutanese Stupa 6″ x 6″ gouache

This was at a nunnery that we hiked to. It was at about 10,000 ft elevation and I found it challenging to keep my breath hiking up there.


Halfway to Tiger’s Nest Monastery watercolor in sketchbook

This was one that I left the group to do. It was a beautiful day and many other hikers stopped to visit while I painted. I think meeting locals and fellow travelers is my favorite thing about trips like this.

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Reverting back to my old blog

7" x 5" gouache
Bhutanese Temple     7″ x 5″ gouache

I’ve given up on my ‘new’ website and moved to another platform that was simpler to manage. Please check it out at There is also a link at the top of the blog page.

I recently spent a couple of weeks traveling around the Himalayan Mountain country of Bhutan and have been remembering some of the sights with gouache sketches. I’m sharing a couple here partly to see if the subscriptions still work. I hope everyone who asked to follow me will be notified.

Temple Doorways 6" x 6" gouache
Temple Doorways
6″ x 6″ gouache

Plein Air on Sauvie Island

I’ve not been very good about keeping this site updated but I’ve been busy painting. Here are a few small plein air paintings I made over the weekend on Sauvie Island

Oregon Oak PA
Oregon Oak PA – 12″ x 12″ oil


Retanour Road Plein Air 1
Retanaar Road Plein Air 1 – 8″ x 10″ oil


Retanour Road PA 2
Retanaarr Road PA 2 – 8″ x 12″ oil

Watercolors from Argentina

My watercolors, I have recently been informed by a concerned reader, are not universally loved. Despite that, I’m going to post these anyway because I like them and enjoy making them.

The first one is a scene in the Palermo Neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

Across from the Negroni Bar 6" x 9" gouache
Across from the Negroni Bar
6″ x 9″ gouache

The painting below is of a house in the town of Ushuaia which is at the southernmost tip of Argentina in Patagonia. It is the point from which one would sail to Antarctica. It’s a very beautiful town with the Andes Mountains meeting the Beagle Channel.

Red House in Ushuaia 12" x 7" watercolor
Red House in Ushuaia
12″ x 7″ watercolor