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Mixed Media


“One Dolphin” 14″ x 10″ watercolor, gouache, ink and water soluble crayon


I’ve been doing studies for some larger oil paintings. I always seem to work more freely with watercolor and I’d like to learn ways to incorporate some of that into the oils.

2 thoughts on “Mixed Media”

  1. You know we have two dolphins in our little port. Yesterday I went down to the properties where all of the logs are stacked up before they are loaded onto the ships and sent overseas. I’m interested in doing some painting down there since every time I leave my plein air sessions in the forest, I invariably am sitting at a traffic light next to one or two logging trucks, loaded up with yesterdays forest.

    I have to get clearance with Port Security and then they can direct me to where I can work. They have already asked me if I was a “greener” and I said no, but I have taught out there. Excuse my ignorance, but why are they called “dolphins”?

    If I have to paint with a hard hat I’ll get Jim to take a picture of me.

    Almost done with my website pant-pant.




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