8 thoughts on “Birthday Selfie”

  1. Bill, Pretty damn good. I like the tilt to the left. Happy pre or post birthday greetings. If you ever want to get together, let me know. We could talk, go plein air painting (Sauvie Island, your place?) or out to sketch. Presently, I am back to oils and am studying portraiture with Alexander Rokoff in the Falcon Art Community. It is good to be back into oils. You mentioned to me that you liked my oils better than my watercolors. I havent forgotten that. I hope this finds you coming along well even though you are not as productive as you would like to be. Remember, patience is a virtue. Jer


  2. Love this play of building with line in this s/p. And you knew exactly when to stop, so it is just so, and just right. You made the same type of movement here as you seem to do in building your images with palette knife in the paintings. I love the fact that in looking at what you have made here I can feel how the image came together, with what energy, economy and decision making. I think it behooves a viewer to enter into what is seen, with a seeing movement similar to the one used to make the marks. Awkwardly expressed here, but I suspect you know what I am saying. A treat of a drawing… G


  3. Who is that old man? Happy Birthday Bill! I’m going to turn 59 this April. How did that happen? Best – Kathy


  4. Happy belated birthday Bill.
    This drawing seems a very brave one as
    there is no attempt to cover up what
    appears to be a wiser but sadder face.
    Beautiful sketch.


  5. bill i hope you’ll understand when i say: you know i love your work, love it. And there’s something very “fantastic” about your self-portraits. i’m a rank amateur and no critic, but i have to say, the handsome man that is you never seems to make it to the canvas. (so how is it that they still manage always to look “like” bill, but without the beauty that’s also you? maybe that’s for someone else to paint.)


  6. Thank you, Layla.

    Hi Jerry. I’d love to get together sometime and see what you’re painting.

    Happy Birthday, Kathy

    Thank you, Linda. I miss seeing you on the sketching days

    Spree, you’re very kind and maybe you should look into getting your glasses prescription tweaked, 😉


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