Dragon Fountain

I guess I’m slow at digesting experiences. It was a year ago that I spent a month painting in Italy with the Jerusalem Studio School Summer Program in Civita Castellana and I’m just now starting to turn those experiences into paintings. The time spent with a community of painters focused on painting exposed me to a variety of ways of thinking about painting and I’ve felt a little undirected as I allowed things to percolate and make subtle changes to my painting. Here is a piece that will be in an upcoming show in Portland.

Dragon Fountain 12" x 24" oil
Dragon Fountain
12″ x 24″ oil

7 thoughts on “Dragon Fountain”

  1. Thank, Ken. I think I’m a master of percolation. Not so great at getting on with it, however 😉


  2. I love the yellow in this piece. I also love the bright blue for sky. Delicious! You are a master with yellows, Bill.


  3. Great painting Bill.
    Glad your are including it in the October show.
    In travels, there are often places that later haunt you. These places have a way of surfacing in your thinking, down the line. Thus, your current work. So, manipulate the medium, as you wish, to reflect the haunt.
    PS Nice seeing you at the Art in the Garden event at Villa Catalana. Jef


  4. Hi Kathy, I did struggle with making that yellow dark enough for the fountain to pop against it. Thanks.

    Thanks, Jerry. It was nice to see you as well.


  5. Thank you Heidi. It was indeed a good experience. I hope to do more residencies in the near future.


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