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Rotting Fruit with Fruit Flies (a social metaphor)


Rotting Fruit with Fruit Flies

6″ x 8″ oil on paper

In an effort to add a little meaning to these rather academic studies I’ve been doing, I’m putting this one forth as a metaphor for the state of our political system in the US. It doesn’t matter which side of the spectrum you favor, I think you can find an interpretation that works for you. I, personally, had a specific character and vice-character in mind but one could see it as the House and Senate, (note the lobbyists). Or perhaps the Democrats and Republicans. My opinion is that it’s not hard to see rot wherever you look.

It’s a pretty weak metaphor if you have to say it’s one, and I’m only identifying it this way because I’ve been discussing this with a friend but it’s an effort.

17 thoughts on “Rotting Fruit with Fruit Flies (a social metaphor)”

  1. Okay, I won’t call it pretty, but it is affecting. The metaphor works, IMO. Doubtful that the political landscape will get much better anytime soon, regardless of who gets elected. I’m making plans right now to move out of the country permanently within the next few months. Seriously.


  2. yech, it’s disgustingly rotten, I love it. The parasitic fruit flies are a nice touch. Hard not to get wrapped up in American politics, and yet I’m so disgusted with them at the same time.


  3. Bravo, Bill! A painting redolent with meaning. I agree that politicians are rotten. But guys, our government is a little less rotten than most other country’s. Just a little.


  4. Casey and Kathy, You should meet each other. Casey is an expatriot American living in France and Kathy is preparing to move to France as well, aren’t you? I’ve thought of leaving but, you know the grass always seems greener … In spite of all the rot, I like it here.


  5. Steph, I thought about it, but frankly I’m a little tired of painting pears right now. They went in the garbage today.

    Thanks Frank. I’m enjoying the posts your doing on your palette experiments.


  6. Ambera, I made up the fruit flies (and not too convincingly, I’m afraid) I’m afraid US politics has become more of a sport than a serious exercise in choosing a leader. It’s also become an industry with a lot of highly paid professionals. In Canada isn’t your whole campaign season just a few weeks?

    Silvina, thanks for your encouragement. I don’t know about most governments but it’s better than some. I think the metaphor could probably apply outside the US as well.


  7. You made up the fruit flies? Gee, I thought they were very convincing. Especially the one on the top left of the pear, because it’s casting a shadow!


  8. Love it, sigh…humans in ALL cultures do seem to be genetically flawed when it comes to the rotteness that power and greed seems to give rise to.


  9. Bill- first in order of my visit to your blog, having skipped a few weeks:
    Glad you’ve had some good news about your wifes’ health. There is little else that precedes that in life. I wish you both a smooth journey down this path. And continued good news.

    Kudos to you for this great piece here. Loved the words and the symbols of the painting.
    We’re all fed up- with every side, every media head, every falsification, dung flinging, truth twisting, senseless burning of billions and lives beyond count.
    It’s hard to keep hopeful but we’re weeds, aren’t we? We pop back up.

    I see the same patterns here on St. Croix- US Territories, and the same kind of pocket lining politics. We see it even more succinctly here since we’re so small.

    Thank you for utilizing your brush and voice to vent and share it with your readers.


  10. Bonnie, Thank you for your well wishes.

    I’m glad the painting spoke to you. I don’t know that our political system is any more screwed up than anyone else’s, but it certainly is longer than most.

    It’s sad to see anyone subjected to the kind of stress and scrutiny that a US presidential candidate goes through. No one who was honest and forthright could possibly make it through. Unfortunately, our process pretty much guarantees that only the wealthy and corrupt have a shot at it. And who would want the job anyway. Only a meglomaniac with an ulterior motive. In my opinion, anyone who wants the job should be banned from having it.

    Of course, it does come down to us in the end doesn’t it. If we were more interested in how we were being represented than watching the campaign as if it were a sporting event, maybe things would be different. It always comes back to Pogo “we’ve seen the enemy and he is us”


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