7 thoughts on “Town and Country: Oregon at 150”

  1. Hi Bill, Thanks for checking in.

    Thanks, Ambera. It’s a great image, a digital print by David Winston.


  2. Always a kick to be in a show, especially one that looks as well done as this.
    I like the simple elegance of the image used to represent the show which in turn reflects on all the participating artists.

    I wish you lots of good feelings.


  3. Congratulations Bill!! Way to go, you totally deserve the exposure at this most excellent gallery. They were always a favorite stop for me on First Thursday.


  4. I had a look at your trhee entries…all of them beaqutiful…my favourite being under the steel bridge. Let us know how it went?
    PS And I missed you birthday! hope it was a great day and hope the year is a rewarding one…lifewwise and art wise!


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