Art, Landscape, oil painting, Painting, Portland, Study, Urban Landscape

Work in progress


8″ x 10″ oil on panel


Again this is Kelly Point Park.  There is a bridge that goes across the river bank to a barge which is tied to the dolphins I’ve been fascinated with. The study above and the one before are two sections of this same small bridge.


18″ x 26″oil on linen

The second painting is larger than I’ve worked in quite a while. I’m still worrying it. – slowly.

I’ve found myself looking at the work of Ilya Repin and William Merrit Chase, as I work on this. They both commonly included figures in their landscapes. I think, for me, the dolphins fill that role.

1 thought on “Work in progress”

  1. and you are a super painter – I love that dog. The colours you have used are wonderfully expressive.


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