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I’ve posted a few sketches on my other blog but I’ve been so busy trying to keep my job and take care of other personal things that I have not had time to paint.

I read a post by Armand Cabrera on his blog Art and Influence about the value of doing studies. Here are a couple of studies I’ve done recently trying to get the hang of gouache.





12 thoughts on “Studies”

  1. Bill,
    The gouache station house is delish. I never saw it used this way (like watercolor) before, and I’m very intrigued!
    Keep your job. Take care of your family. (I speak from experience.)


  2. Hi Edgar. Frankly, I’ve been trying to use the gouache more like oil paint but, the truth is, most of the gouache work I do is 90% transparent watercolor. Thanks for stopping by.


  3. These are nice Bill. I started in watercolor then switched to oil. Now I’ve been doing some watercolor again but I almost always resort to a qouache technique using opaque work to try to fix stuff.


  4. Lovely studies. Especially enjoy the colors in the small white building – the shadow under the eave (its color) is why I paint! Thanks for the inspiration. Good to be reminded about the strong role studies have.


  5. Hi Bill, Most of my gouache starts out as watercolor and I mix in a little opaque color towards the end. This is one of the few where I used mainly gouache and tried to treat it like an oil. To do it this way, I find, that you have to put out fresh paint all the time. Rewetting dried gouache is more like doing a watercolor.


  6. Love these studies.
    Bright and light and airy….
    Now… Do you do the studies to learn from the doing or do you use them to create large paintings….. or both??


  7. Hi Marian. I do the studies for various reasons. Some I do to play with compositional ideas or to experiment with new media. I often have in mind the possibility of doing an oil version. The studies of the bridge, included here did become an oil painting.

    It’s good to hear from you.


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