North Portland



6″ x 8″ oil on canvas

This is from a sketch I did a while back and posted on my other blog, here.

I start these studies with the intention of not fussing with it, then, somehow, get drawn into it. After I notice that I’ve succumbed, once again, to fussiness, I often resolve to do another one immediately after and, now that I’ve made a lot of the decisions, be more succinct. I don’t recall now whether I’ve ever followed through on that. Painting time is precious and I become fascinated by another image, like a shiny rock, and start on another one.

I think that if I had more time, I’d slow down and explore an image or idea thoroughly. I’d do lots of studies and versions of paintings. I’d try them in different media.

That may be a pipe dream. (What is the pipe referred to in that saying?)

This is not such a bad little piece. There are things I like about it but I feel I didn’t achieve the freshness I was after.

I’m always looking at other paintings for inspiration and ideas on how to solve problems. One I’ve been looking at lately is Michael Pieczonka. I particularly like this one – View of the F Mack from Queen’s Quay.


9 thoughts on “North Portland”

  1. You go out, find a good subject for the day, and paint it. When you like the result, you try to learn from the experience of that day. This is what studies are supposed to do, work on a challenge until you master it. Mastery is defined by you.

    I think your studies show great consistency and cohesion.

    I’m pretty sure the pipe in pipe dream is an opium pipe, but it could be applied to hashish– opioid either way, I guess. cf. “Alice in Wonderland,” the caterpillar episode.


  2. I like this painting, and don’t see anything fussy about it :-).
    And about your dream, I find interesting the variations and series of paintings.


  3. Edgar and Lucie,

    Thank you both for your encouragement. Edgar, I’m sure you’re right about the reference of pipe dream, thanks for pointing that out.


  4. Bill, you are so freaking talented. I really hope that you reach a point in your life when you can paint full time.


  5. It is a lovely little piece, Bill.

    Relax and enjoy these “studies” you do so well. They are paintings, call them what you may.


  6. This is a very well executed, complex scene. All those wires crossing, streets turning. My eye is particularly attracted to the window ledges in the green building on the left. I like the change in values there.


  7. Hi Slivina. It’s nice to hear from you. I’m glad you noticed that small area of light. It’s hard to find light in Portland in winter.


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